I created this site because I found myself going to so many different sites in my quest for knowledge related to Cyber Security.  Like most things on the internet you will find about 100 different sites that all link to the same story.  On this site I will try to post new content when I write it but for the most part this site will be a repository for Cyber Security News and Education that I come across.  I provide links to multiple well known Cyber pages that provide IOC’s (indicators of compromise) that you can run through your own network. 


Site Navigation;

Cyber Security News: Links to Cyber Security News Sites and CVE site and direct access to my Twitter page

Education and Informational: Links to different training materials and other interesting stuff I have found

Testing: These are sites I utilize to verify if something I found is an actual threat or just an FP (False Positive)

IOC’s: (Indicators of Compromise) These are sites that I frequent in order to pull down URL’s/MD5/SHA1/SHA256 to be ran through my organization



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